Starlux 500, manufactured by Palomar (USA)

One of the most effective lasers in the world


We value lasers from the American company Palomar for the extensive scientific research their state-of-the-art design is based on.
The Starlux 500 laser can, for example, perform a full resurfacing of the face without the need for general anaesthesia. This procedure is used to remove deep wrinkles that are difficult to smooth otherwise. It is also the only machine that can remove the "memory of the wrinkle" as well, preventing its renewal for some time.
We also use this equipment to correct visible veins, unwanted pigmentation, wide pores and uneven skin tone. After treatment with the Starlux 500, the face, neck, bust and hands are significantly rejuvenated.
Starlux 500 by Palomar is also the only laser in the world certified by FDA for removing scars and stretch marks.