Skin Tag Removal

Get rid of fibroma once and for all. Skin tags, or fibroma, are skin formations of different sizes. They are created through multiplication of the surrounding tissue and usually have the same or very similar colour as your skin. But they look unnatural and may even be a potential source of cancer. There is a good reason why the removal of skin growths is among the procedures we perform most often.


Pictures before and after treatment

Good diagnostics is essential

The method of removing a specific fibroma depends on its size as well as its diagnosed type. At the Brandeis Clinic, we leave nothing to chance and use the patented DermDoc technology to diagnose skin growths. This modern device can take detailed images of the fibroma within a few seconds; the physician can then use those to select the most appropriate solution.

Fibromas are removed either traditionally or using laser.

The classic method, i.e. surgical removal, is used for larger growths and whenever there is a suspicion that certain changes are occurring within the fibroma. More comfortable laser treatments are selected for smaller and problem-free growths.

Before the treatment

Treatment begins with a consultation with one of our physicians at which the next steps are determined based on the diagnostics of a specific growth.

During the treatment

Both types of procedures are performed under local anaesthesia and as such are almost painless. Conventional surgical removal of a growth takes a few minutes; laser treatments only take seconds. After the growth is removed, the physician closes the incision with fine sutures that make the resulting scar invisible. After laser treatment, the wound is covered with a liquid bandage and does not leave scars.
Both procedures are performed as outpatient services. After the treatment, the client can return home immediately.

After the treatment

After surgical removal of skin tags, we will schedule an appointment for a check-up and the removal of sutures. Alternatively, we can use absorbable sutures. We know from experience that after the removal of growths on the legs, the recovery period tends to be slightly longer. After laser treatment, the scab that forms over the wound disappears completely after 7-10 days.

Who can be treated?

Skin tag removal is suitable for healthy adults over 18.

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