Scar Removal

Don’t let scars change your life…There is no need to worry about the unnecessary aesthetic problem of scars. You no longer have to hide them under make-up or clothing.


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Modern dermatology offers many types of treatments that can soften scars or remove them permanently. Specialists from the Brandeis Clinic have selected the best ones for you.
Selection of a specific removal method should be consulted with a physician with regard to scar type. There are various types of scars, for example those caused by wounds, surgery, acne, cold sores or burns, and just as varied are the many methods used to remove them.

Scars less than 1 year old

For scars less than one year old, a simple non-invasive treatment is sufficient. The scar is covered with a healing gel and a silicone dressing called New Gel. This dressing is a special plaster for home use, hermetically sealing the scar, hydrating it and by applying gentle pressure, helping to restore the original shape of the skin.
The first results are visible as early as 4 weeks, with the final result achieved after approximately 3 months. The right size and shape of the patch will be selected by a physician during consultation at our clinic. The plasters can also be ordered from the e-shop at, where you can also receive advice over the phone.

Small scars on the face

Minor scars on the face can be removed by polishing the top layer of the skin. For this type of treatment, we use the unique MicroSkinPolish device that can rejuvenate and heal the skin at the same time.

Larger scars of various age

The real expert in scar removal is the American Palomar laser that we use at our clinic. Wrinkle removal with laser can be performed on the face and the entire body and for almost all scar types. It employs fractional pulses that disrupt and then remove scar tissue. New healthy tissue is created in its place, with a natural colour and smooth surface.
The procedure takes approximately 30 minutes (depending on the size of the scar) and is painless. Clients may feel some minor tingling in the treated area during the procedure. After treatment, the scar may be slightly reddened or swollen for 1-2 days. For optimal results, 3-5 sessions are required.

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