Psychosomatic consultation

If you develop a fast heartbeat or difficulty breathing, hot flushes, anxiety or throat tightening, this may indicate a psychosomatic health problem. This may also apply to sleep disturbances, shortages of breath, and/or headache, but also intense chest pain resembling a heart attack or unexplained abdominal pain. You may also have digestive problems, constipation or diarrhoea, or unexplained fatigue. These and similar issues are often addressed in the context of psychosomatic medicine.


Psychosomatic medicine is a branch of medicine dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of problems that are predominantly manifested by physical symptoms, but in fact are caused by mental factors and are related to long-term stress. These symptoms, although not life-threatening, may significantly deteriorate the quality of life, and in the most severe form may reach an intensity leading to disability and the restriction of daily activities. Their incidence is on the rise, especially in recent years, with increasing levels of stress in our social environment.

In order to help you, we must first rule out that your problem is not caused by a disease of the organ in which the symptoms are manifested. We will use laboratory, ultrasound and other specialized examinations and tests. If we rule out a physical cause, we will focus on a detailed analysis of the circumstances of your family, professional and personal life and help you identify the causes that give rise to your complaints. Treatment involves psychological guidance and instructions for dealing with the problems; in relevant cases, certain medicines can be prescribed to alleviate your problems.

The treatment of psychosomatic disorders often takes several weeks to months. It should be noted that the success of treatment depends not only on doctor's visits and medications, but also on the active approach of the client and their efforts to make lifestyle changes.

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