Preventive medicine

To feel really great

We care about our appearance; we exercise and eat well - we can be satisfied with ourselves. However, to feel really great, we need to be in good health. Therefore, we decided to expand our aesthetic corrective care in the Brandeis Clinic to include preventive examinations aimed at detecting the first signs of lifestyle diseases (diseases of civilization). To save your time, we will do everything in our clinic within a few hours. Just consult our doctor regarding a time that will be most convenient for you.

Early examinations will help us identify:

  • diseases of the heart and circulatory system
  • digestive tract diseases
  • diabetes
  • abnormal levels of fat in the blood
  • thyroid disease
  • diseases of the kidneys and the urinary tract
  • deficiencies of certain vitamins and other substances necessary for the body
  • certain tumour diseases
  • developing psychosomatic diseases

What is included in a preventive examination?

A conversation with a physician to determine your personal and family medical history is an integral and very valuable part of every examination. Do not be afraid to share with us all your concerns or first signals you feel in your body. We also need to know what diseases your closest family members suffer. Based on this information, we can adjust a panel of blood tests or schedule additional examinations. Data from the history are used as the basis for a detailed analysis of health problems.

Blood sampling

blood tests still remain the basic diagnostic method. They can provide large amounts of important data about the client's health. The range of standard parameters is complemented by more detailed indicators such as tumour markers, parameters of allergic and autoimmune diseases and others, on an individual basis according to data from the patient's history.

Urine analysis

provides a comprehensive overview of the state of your kidneys and the internal environment of the body. Blood, sugar or protein content clearly suggests a developing problem. The results of indicative chemical urine analysis allow us to perform more specific tests.
ECG, or electrocardiography, is the basic examination in cardiology. This technique is used to record the curve of electrical activity of the heart by sensing electrical potentials from the chest and limbs. This can be used to determine whether your heart is working correctly. The test is not painful; we only attach electrodes to your chest, wrists and ankles. A single ECG reading takes about a minute.

Cycle ergometer stress test

This cycling stress test for the heart and circulatory system requires your physical activity. While riding on a bicycle ergometer, you will be gradually subjected to an escalating burden, and your ECG and blood pressure will be monitored. In addition to an evaluation of your overall fitness, we will obtain information on possible blood vessel problems caused by atherosclerosis (clogged arteries) and any changes to your heart rhythm during the exertion. If the examination reveals suspected narrowing of your coronary arteries, we will arrange for coronary angiography in one of the Prague's leading hospitals.

Sonography (ultrasound)

a ultrasound device is equipped with various probes for the examination of body organs, allowing the examination of their structure, size and function.

We perform:

  • abdominal ultrasound (kidneys, liver, pancreas, spleen, aorta) - echocardiography (ultrasound examination of the heart, evaluating the size and function of the respective heart compartments, the structure and function of the heart valves)
  • ultrasound of the thyroid gland (to evaluate the size, presence of cysts, nodes)
  • ultrasound of the prostate and testicles (to evaluate prostate enlargement and possible tumour-related changes)
  • ultrasound of major blood vessels - carotid arteries, to evaluate the risk of stroke, ultrasound of the arteries or veins in hands or feet - to evaluate the occurrence of atherosclerotic changes (clogged arteries), detection of venous thrombosis, varicose veins, etc.

Your comfort is our priority

Sadly, the Czech Republic now ranks first in avoiding preventive examinations, largely because a comprehensive examination is associated with the need to visit different departments of medical facilities, often with long waiting times. Our specialists will perform these examinations during a single visit at a time that suits you best. We are committed to ensuring absolute confidentiality and the individual approach of the doctor, who will give you full attention and explain to you the results of your examinations and tests.