Nose Reshaping - Rhinoplasty

Your nose as you want it… Nose reshaping, or rhinoplasty, is one of the most popular types of plastic surgery.


Pictures before and after treatment

Surgical correction of the nose is beneficial not only aesthetically, but often also functionally. This is because it can be combined with surgery of the septum, which can significantly improve breathing in some cases.
The most common reason for a rhinoplasty, however, is dissatisfaction with one's appearance. The result can significantly boost the client's self-esteem, which is our main goal.

Before the treatment

Before the surgery, it is necessary to consult a specialist at our clinic. The doctor will assess the shape and any deformities of the nose and explain to the client the options of the surgery, required post-operative regimen and potential risks of the treatment. With the reception desk of the clinic, we will arrange the date of the surgery and a pre-operative examination, if required.

During the treatment

Depending on the scope, nose reshaping (rhinoplasty) is performed under either local or general anaesthesia. It takes approximately one hour. The incision is usually made inside the nasal passages. In some complicated cases, the surgery needs to be more invasive. Such procedures result in a small scar on the tip of the septum known as the columella.

During the procedure, the surgeon reshapes the nose, removes irregularities, modifies the cartilage and bone supporting the nose and possibly also the shape of the tip. If required, the septum or angle between the septum and upper lip may be also adjusted. Finally, the nose is fixed with plaster and a tamponade is introduced into the nostrils (removed the next day).

After the treatment

Recovery from rhinoplasty usually takes 2 weeks. At some point during those two weeks, the plaster cast is removed. Post-operative bruises usually subside in this time, but some swelling may last for longer. There have been cases when the final result of the surgery only became apparent one year later due to persistent mild swelling. This swelling, however, is not in any way bothersome for the client.

Who can be treated?

Patients must be at least 18 years old to undergo nose reshaping. Another requisite is a good health condition allowing general anaesthesia.

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