Dr. Petr Hajný Aesthetic dentist


MUDr. Petr Hajný

Top aesthetic dentist working with a wide range of clients from the Czech Republic and abroadCertified trainer of modern CAD&CAM technologies “CEREC” and “T-SCAN” in some EU Member States. Chief trainer of work with dental materials for dentists and dental technology made by IVOCLAR VIVADENT.

Graduate of the Secondary Medical School in Karlovy Vary as Dental Technician in 1997 and Charles University in Plzeň in 2005; during studies, he occasionally worked as a dental technician.
Beginning in 2005, employed at the Clinic of Aesthetic Medicine - ASKLEPION Prague as a specialist in aesthetic dentistry and full ceramic dental replacements. Beginning in 2009, director of the DentInn s.r.o. dentistry clinic. Since 2012, private practice at EXI-HEALTH s.r.o. in Prague and foreign private clinics. Served as vice president of the Czech Society of CAD/CAM Dentistry. Member of the Czech Academy of Dental Aesthetics; since 2006 a CEREC Trainer for dentists and dental laboratories in the Czech Republic and abroad. Since 2011, he has worked in Central and Eastern Europe as a trainer of the T-Scan technology for computer occlusion analysis. Member of the International Society of CAD/CAM Dentistry, ISCD.
"In addition to the many sports I like, my greatest hobby is music. I have written about a hundred songs in various genres and recorded 5 CDs for my friends. However, my music is only a hobby and I perform in public only to accompany video presentations at some private clinics or as part of my speeches at international congresses."

Author of the study:
Long-term functionality and failures of ceramic veneers

Author of articles and hundreds of lectures and courses:

  • CEREC - VENEERS - Asklepion Congress 2006, Prague
  • CAD/CAM Technology in Aesthetic Dentistry - CEREC Meeting Prague 2007
  • CAD/CAM in practice - CEREC - PZTD, Prague Dental Days
  • Dentistry of the 3rd Millennium - Medicine Against Aging 2008, Karlovy Vary

The Magic of Aesthetic Dentistry - Medicine sgainst Aging 2008, Karlovy Vary

  • Cerec in practice - advice, tips and common pitfalls in full ceramic dental replacements - KeramIQ 2008, international congress in Prague
  • Practical experience with CAD/CAM technologies CEREC in aesthetic dentistry - PDD, Prague Dental Days 2008
  • Tips for designing veneers - 2nd Cerec Meeting, Prague
  • Functional and reliable aesthetics
  • Modern methods in post-endodontics
  • What God took away, e.max gave back
  • Aesthetics directly and indirectly
  • Workshops of ČADE - Czech Academy of Dental Aesthetics
  • COMPETENCE IN ESTHETICS congress in Budapest 2010
  • Materials and technologies in dental aesthetics - 5th ČADE Annual Congress 2012
  • COMPETENCE IN ESTHETICS congress in Zagreb 2012

Author of articles:

  • Fixation is the Beginning - Progresdent 6/2008
  • Empress v. Empress
  • e.max - We Have Defeated Nature - Progressdent 4/2012


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