Laser Treatment for Wrinkles

Turn back the clock and forget about wrinkles. Wrinkles, visible capillaries and faded skin are among the most typical signs of skin ageing. It is a natural process that we are still not able to completely stop. Utilising advanced laser technology, however, we can slow it down and return a youthful look to your skin.


Pictures before and after treatment

Laser treatment for wrinkles with revolutionary lasers from the USA

Laser skin smoothing is fast, safe and highly effective. At the Brandeis Clinic, we have two lasers of the highest quality, specially developed for this purpose in collaboration with the Harvard Medical School in the USA. They utilise the best available technology, which you can now experience for yourself.

Treatment with the Lux 1540 laser by Palomar

The Lux 1540 laser removes wrinkles by emitting special rays that create hundreds of tiny tunnels under the skin. In these tunnels, older cells are clustered together and naturally discharged from the body. The remaining tissue sends a signal to the body that regeneration is required, which increases the production of collagen in the treated area. This leads to a gradual disappearance of wrinkles and stretching of the skin. Most pigment spots and other skin defects are removed as well.

Treatment with the Lux 2940 laser by Palomar

The Lux 2940 laser is stronger, providing an effective solution even for deep wrinkles. It is regularly used to treat so-called smoker wrinkles above the upper lip, which are resistant to most other methods. This laser utilises a different wavelength and has a stronger effect. Treatment and recovery take somewhat longer with this type. However, perfect results are guaranteed for at least 5 to 10 years.

Before the treatment

Before the treatment, we recommend first consulting a physician at our clinic. Depending on the type of wrinkles and other characteristics of your skin, our specialist will select a suitable method of skin rejuvenation. The treatment itself does not require any special preparation.

During the treatment

Laser treatment for wrinkles is provided as an outpatient service and takes on average 30 minutes. Depending on skin type and selected treatment method, 1 to 4 sessions are required to achieve perfect results. The treatment is painless, only accompanied by a slight burning sensation similar to that after prolonged exposure to the sun.

After the treatment

After treatment with the "weaker" LUX 1540 laser, the affected area may be reddened or slightly swollen for 1-2 days. After treatment with the "stronger" LUX 2940, these effects last for 4-7 days; the treated skin will be replaced by new, firmer skin. The result is definitely worth it!

Who can be treated?

The procedure is suitable for healthy adults over 18. It is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

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