Laser Liposuction

Painless laser liposuction used a Brandeis Clinic is the most effective liposuction technique with fast healing and wonderful results. These are only some of the reasons why its popularity is growing rapidly.


Pictures before and after treatment

Advantages of liposuction technique used at Brandeis Clinic

  • Up  to 79% better and faster healing in comparison to older types of liposuction, which are, however, still widely used in the Czech Republic (such as when compared to mechanical liposuction).
  • We can remove up to 7 litres of fat in one treatment.
  • After the SLIM LIPO the skin stays smooth and tight. When using other liposuction techniques the skin often stays sagging and deformed so the patients often ask for a revision.
  • We often do the SLIM LIPO on patients who ask us for a revision due to skin deformation after prior unsuccessful liposuction treatments done by using other liposuction techniques.
  • The SLIM LIPO is much faster than other liposuction techniques.
  • Apart from removing fat, the SLIM LIPO tightens the skin in the treated area and lifts it.
  • The treatment is painless and can be done both under local or general anaesthesia.
  • You can save up to 10 000 CZK when you choose local anaesthesia for your treatment.
  • In comparison with non-invasive fat-removing techniques, such as fat freezing, the SLIM LIPO is several times more effective.
  • Flexible and thin cannula enables doctor an easier and more delicate way of sucking out fat even from smaller body parts such as from chin, knees etc. Older liposuction techniques which use rigid and thick cannulas can´t do this.
  • During one treatment it is possible to suck out fat from up to 4 body parts.
  • The technique is suitable for all problematic body parts including chin, arms, back, breasts, belly, hips, thighs, calves, etc.


Before the treatment

Before the treatment it is necessary to have a consultation with our plastic surgeon who will decide whether the chosen method suits your needs. After the consultation you will agree on the scope of the treatment, which will determine the final price.

During the treatment

Laser liposuction usually doesn´t take more than one hour and is done on an outpatient basis. A doctor usually administers a numbing solution that induces local anaesthesia. The patient is therefore conscious during the whole process. Administering the solution might make the patient feel a slight sting and a little bit of discomfort.

During the treatment itself the patient feels nothing but warmth which is caused by the laser. The treatment is very gentle because it doesn´t involve mechanical fat plugging, unlike the standard liposuction.

After the treatment

After the treatment the body usually heals quite fast. Most of the patients feel no or slight pain and can go back to work the next day already. It is necessary to wear compression garments for a few days after the treatment.

Who can be treated?

Laser liposuction is suitable for every adult without serious health problems. It is necessary to consult a doctor first.

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