Laser Hair Removal

Get rid of hair once and for all. Tired of the eternal struggle with hair? Laser removal presents a permanent solution. Say goodbye to annoying shaving and rashes, painful waxing, redness and ingrown hairs!


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Laser hair removal is one of the most requested cosmetic procedures in the world. It can be used to permanently remove hair from the face and rest of the body.

Laser hair removal with the most powerful laser on the market

At the Brandeis Clinic, we will treat you with brand new equipment - the Vectus hair removal laser from America. It is the fastest and strongest device of its kind in the world. It is also the only device utilising the Skin Tell system, which can set the required strength of the beam automatically depending on skin type. This prevents the risk that the treatment could be ineffective or cause burns - a danger always present in older lasers set up manually by physicians. This method is so gentle that it can be used to remove hair even in the summer.

Before the treatment

Before the treatment, a brief consultation with a specialist at our clinic is recommended. The treatment itself does not limit you in any way, but the following rules must be obeyed:

  • Do not remove your hair for 4 weeks before treatment
  • 24 hours before visiting the clinic, do not visit a swimming pool or a solarium
  • shave the hair one day before the treatment

During the treatment

One procedure can take between a few minutes and half an hour, depending on the extent of the treatment. The procedure is almost painless. On average, clients need to undergo 5 sessions, approximately 6 to 8 weeks apart. The suitable number of treatments and their dates will be scheduled individually by a physician.
The treatment is an outpatient service and clients can go home immediately afterwards. Regular activities are not limited in any way after the treatment.

After the treatment

Immediately after the procedure, reddening or minor swelling may appear in the treated area. This effect will disappear within 24 hours.

Who can be treated?

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