eMatrix – effective removal of wrinkles, scars and striae

The fractional radiofrequency eMatrix offers a highly effective solution for a range of skin imperfections. The treatment is non-invasive and suitable for all types of complexion, and can be performed all year round.


eMatrix přístrojeMatrix helps with:

  • tautening and rejuvenation of the complexion
  • smoothing of fine and medium depth wrinkles
  • removal of pits left after acne
  • harmonisation of colour tone
  • smoothing unevenness of skin texture
  • treatment of striae

How does eMatrix work?

A unique rejuvenating property of eMatrix is its maximal therapeutic effect in the subcutaneous layer, with minimal damage to the surface of the skin. The heat generated by the radiofrequency current directed into the skin leads to the renewal of the formation of collagen and elastin, a closure of pores and subsequently a reduction of fine wrinkles, with a clearing of the surface of the skin.

Is the treatment suitable for me?

The treatment is safe, effective and suitable also for darker phototypes or suntanned skin, for which it is not possible to use laser therapy. The treatment can be performed all year round. The quick healing and short period of convalescence – depending on the intensity of the set parameters (one to five days) enables a rapid return to normal activities.

How does the treatment take place?

The thoroughly cleaned complexion is gradually covered with charges from the tip of the instrument, each treating a surface area of 12 mm. Pulses of radiofrequency current are transmitted via a matrix of micro-electrodes through the skin into the subcutaneous layer, rapidly heating the skin in points. Shortly after the treatment, the skin is reddened and mild swelling appears. If high parameters are set, fine scabs form on the skin after the procedure, which disappear within two to three days.

How often are the procedures repeated?

As a rule three treatments are required within an interval of four to six weeks. A transitional improvement in the condition of the complexion can be seen immediately after each procedure – the skin is clearer, and there is a reduction of fine wrinkles. The best long-term effect is visible two to four months after the end of the treatment, when the effect of the newly formed collagen is manifested.

What care should I take of my complexion after the procedure?

After the procedure mild reddening appears on the skin, upon high intensity of treatment fine scabs may also appear. These manifestations disappear within two to three days. For one month after the procedure it is necessary to protect the treated areas with sunscreen within a minimum factor of 30.

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