Dental Crown

Dental crowns made from quality porcelain are suitable for solving aesthetic teeth problems such as chipped, damaged or not very nice-looking teeth.


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Advantages of having your dental crowns fabricated at Brandeis Clinic

  • At our clinic there are 2 CEREC robotic systems. The dentist is therefore able to fabricate a dental crown respecting the needs of every single patient.
  • We use our own T-scan to digitally analyse our patients´ occlusion. We fabricate crowns that best suit the patient´s occlusion and don´t subject the crown to excessive force.
  • We use the highest-quality ceramic. When fabricating crowns we use disilicate ceramic which is the highest-quality material crowns can be made from. Disilicate ceramic looks naturally and has a very long life span (several times higher in comparison with feldspars).
  • We are able to fabricate up to 20 crowns in 1 day so even patients who undergo an overall treatment of the visible part of the mouth can leave our clinic with a brand new smile the same day.
  • Inserting crowns at Brandeis Clinic is painless. If requested, we can perform the treatment under local anaesthesia or use sedative-analgesic medications. The latter is preferred by clients who feel very anxious when visiting a dentist and it is administered by a qualified anaesthesiologist who has, among others, treated the members of Saudi royal family or the Czech former president Vaclav Havel.
  • The care we provide is comprehensive. In our dental team there are experienced dentists and dental hygienists (one of our dental hygienists gives lectures at the Charles University Third Faculty of Medicine in Prague).  We can treat crooked teeth by using braces, too. We also provide regular care of our patient´s teeth.
  • At Brandeis Clinic you can pay for the care provided in instalments. You can ask the reception staff at our clinic to help you get a loan to cover your dental treatment.
  • Entrance consultations at the department of cosmetic dentistry at Brandeis Clinic are free of charge.
  • Brandeis Clinic regularly receives excellent evaluation of its cleanness from relevant state institutions.

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