Cosmetic Dentistry

A radiant smile with beautiful healthy teeth is almost a universal dream. Our teeth influence our reputation in two ways - they show how we take care of ourselves and their healthy condition points to a good overall health and lifestyle. It is never too late to start with professional care!

Our clinic can offer high quality care in cosmetic dentistry

Here at the Brandeis Clinic, we can offer dental care at the highest possible level. At an initial non-binding consultation, experienced dentists will assess the condition of your teeth and propose the next steps.

If required, our physicians are able to perform even the most demanding surgical procedures. They will always explain the procedure in detail and perform it as carefully as possible.

Only when your teeth and gums are completely healthy can we begin resolving any aesthetic issues. We can offer both professional teeth whitening and aesthetic correction with veneers that can fix irregularities or undesirable colour of your teeth. But there are many more options than that, and the next steps must always be arranged individually with one of our dentists. This care is naturally complemented with visits to our dental hygienist, who can perfectly clean your teeth. She will also tell you how to remedy any shortcomings in your care for teeth and gums.

We work with the latest equipment

Our unique equipment together with a professional, experienced team allows us to offer high quality yet comfortable dental care to our clients. In our examinations, we use among others these machines:

1. Digital 3D X-ray

X-rays are still among the most important diagnostic methods. In recent years, however, X-ray equipment has undergone many changes - our cutting-edge panoramic X-ray can examine your entire oral cavity, allowing truly comprehensive and efficient care. And with digitisation, the dose of X-rays delivered to your body is minimised.

2. Special fluorescent machine for detecting cavities

No more pain during examination, no more tapping on each tooth separately! In a few seconds, this unique oral camera, one of very few in the country, can find even the tiniest cavities. The condition of your teeth is also shown on a screen located in front of the examination chair. Thanks to the latest technology, treatment can start as soon as possible without unpleasant drilling.

3. Patented T-Scan® machine for occlusion analysis

This is another device you will not find in the surgeries of many dentists. It is the only one that can perfectly and comprehensively analyse the strength of bite on the contact surfaces of individual teeth. From our experience, we know that the distribution of masticatory forces on the individual teeth is something that needs to be considered for all clients, and not just those who will be receiving dental implants. Today, the machine is used before applying fillings and the making of bridges, crowns and veneers.
This machine allows us to solve many long-lasting problems such as headaches and pain in the jaw joints or muscles caused by poor distribution of biting forces and many others.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to schedule a non-binding consultation to design a treatment plan just for you.

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