Clinic management

Antonín Brandejs

founder and managing director of the clinic

  • renowned Czech hotelier and owner of the five-star Hotel Paříž
  • collector of modern art
  • experienced businessman with a natural talent for discovering and evaluating opportunities

MVDr. Anna Brandejs

director, founder and owner of the clinic

MVDr. Anna Brandejs

  • studied veterinary medicine
  • during studies worked as an assistant at the Department of Biology and Biochemistry, studying enzymes and processes breaking down pollutants (substances polluting the environment and living organisms)
  • between 1995-2002, she worked as a manager for the multinational pharmaceutical concerns Bristol-Myers Squibb and Abbott Laboratories s.r.o.
  • in 2002, she opened her own distribution company Medaprex with a broad portfolio of products for aesthetic medicine clinics and beauty salons (she prides herself on always working with trusted high quality manufacturers, such as the American brand of lasers Palomar, Dermaheal cosmetics, Motiva breast implants, etc.)
  • in 2013, she opened the Brandeis Clinic - a centre for aesthetic medicine in Prague

"I literally fell in love with aesthetic medicine. I enjoy going to world congresses to learn about new innovative and, above all, effective methods of rejuvenation. When selecting products, equipment and services for our clinic, we choose only from those that have a proven clinical value and are discussed in scientific literature."
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