Chin Liposuction

Chin liposuction by the SLIM LIPO laser helps you quickly and painlessly get rid of excessive fat from the chin area while, at the same time, creates a more refined appearance to your face and makes your neck look thinner and longer. The treatment is done under local anaesthesia and as soon as it is finished you can go home or to work.


Pictures before and after treatment

The chin liposuction is a very popular treatment. It makes your face look significantly younger and refines your overall appearance. At Brandeis Clinic we do this treatment by a unique laser device called the SlimLipo. Try out the most gentle and effective liposuction technique in the world!

Advantages of chin laser liposuction used at Brandeis Clinic

  • Up to 79% better and faster healing in comparison to older types of liposuction widely used in the Czech Republic, such as when compared to mechanical liposuction.
  • After the SLIM LIPO the skin stays smooth, without folds or deformities. When using other liposuction techniques the skin often stays sagging or deformed and the patients often ask for a revision.
  • We often do the SLIM LIPO on patients who ask us for a revision due to skin deformation after prior unsuccessful liposuction treatments done by using other liposuction techniques.
  • The SLIM LIPO is much faster than other liposuction treatments.
  • Apart from removing fat, the SLIM LIPO tightens the skin in the treated area and lifts it.
  • The treatment is painless and can be done under local anaesthesia.
  • Flexible and thin cannula, used in SLIM LIPO, enables the doctor an easier and more delicate way of sucking out fat even from smaller body parts or from parts which are harder to access such as from the chin or knees. Other liposuction techniques which use rigid (non-flexible) and much thicker cannulas make it impossible to suck out fat from these parts completely.
  • In comparison with non-invasive fat-removing techniques the SLIM LIPO is several times more effective and, moreover, you only need one treatment.

Before the treatment

There is a non-binding consultation at our clinic where a doctor assesses the patient´s health and listens to the patient´s wishes. Then they agree on a suitable solution and the date of the treatment.

During the treatment

The treatment is done under local anaesthesia and lasts for about one hour. First, the doctor plans the treatment in detail and numbs the areas which are to be treated. Then by using a special optic tip the doctor gently dissolves subcutaneous fat and sucks it out. In the end the patient gets a chin garment which improves the treatment result and speeds-up the healing process.

After the treatment

As soon as the treatment is finished the client can go home. One week after the treatment they need to come back to the clinic for a check-up and to have their dressing changed. One month after the treatment there is a second check-up where the treatment effect is assessed. Possible movement restrictions are set by the doctor individually.

We are only able to assess the final result after 1-3 months following the treatment, because in that period the treatment result is still in progress and the skin is constantly getting better.  

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