Chemical Peeling

Your skin reborn in 60 minutes. Chemical peeling is a frequently requested cosmetic treatment used to brighten and rejuvenate the skin, smooth wrinkles and remove pigmentation spots or acne. It is recommended for patients of any age and is suitable both for dry skin with symptoms of ageing, or for younger, oilier or acne-prone skin.


Pictures before and after treatment

The principle of chemical peeling

There are many products intended for chemical peeling on the market. We have selected for you the quality British brand Medik8. The principle of the treatment is to initiate a gradual full replacement of surface cells of the skin. This is achieved by applying enzymes and chemical components. Thanks to these substances, the skin will start producing new, healthy cells. After shedding the damaged layer, your skin will already look healthier and fresher after the first treatment.
Peeling can be applied to the face, neck, bust, hands and back.

Before the treatment

Before the application, type and intensity of the peeling must be consulted with a physician. Deciding factors are not only the condition of your skin, but also your expectations. The stronger peeling we use, the better the results, but greater intensity also means more time will be needed for recovery.
Do not use any cosmetic masks, peels or any forms of dermabrasion before the treatment. Similarly refrain from removing hair from the skin. Immediately before the application of chemical peeling, cosmetic treatments and hair dyeing are also not recommended.

During the treatment

Chemical peeling takes between 30 minutes and one hour and is entirely painless. If you wish to achieve stronger effects (remove wrinkles, pigmentation spots or moderate to severe acne), more sessions will be required. The average number is between 4 and 6.
The skin treatment is an outpatient service and clients can go home immediately afterwards.

After the treatment

Immediately after the application of peeling, your skin will be slightly rosy to red and there may be some minor swelling. The topmost layer of the skin will gradually start peeling away, which is desirable. Healing may take between one day and two weeks, depending on the selected strength of the peeling.
Immediately after the treatment, avoid sunlight and tanning.

Who can be treated?

Chemical peeling is suitable for women and men of all ages. The expected benefits for your skin type must be assessed by our specialist at a non-binding consultation. If you are pregnant, we recommend waiting with the treatment until after you give birth. On the day of the application, no viral skin disease must be present on the skin (cold sores, warts etc.).

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