Before and After

Reasons to choose Brandeis Clinic for stomatology

  • Perfect aesthetic results:
    Our everyday work involves not only repairing tooth decay or treating inflammations. We create masterpieces in the form of superb teeth in the style of Hollywood stars!
  • Speed:
    We are able to reconstruct your entire dentures in only two days using facets or crowns. Our stomatologists produce ceramic replacements using the Swiss CEREC system, which is the state-of-the-art in robotic stomatology.
  • Pain-free treatment:
    If you are afraid of pain during treatment, it is possible to undergo the entire procedure under analgo-sedation, in which feelings of fear and pain are suppressed. The patient essentially sleeps through the procedure and remembers nothing.
  • Teeth by instalments:
    We provide instalments for teeth up to CZK 100 000.00, for all types of treatment, including braces, facets or tooth whitening.
  • Free consultation:
    Come and make an arrangement with our dentist in person. For every procedure we provide consultation free of charge!
  • Children's stomatology:
    Through progressive visits we also teach your children that they don't need to fear the dentist! Just as with adults, for child patients also there is the option of performing complicated or painful procedures under analgo-sedation.
  • Even complicated treatments are not a problem:
    In addition to aesthetic procedures, we also perform demanding procedures such as transplantation of the jawbone in order to inset tooth implants.
  • Complex services:
    We perform several types of tooth whitening, dental hygiene, dental braces, treatment of tooth decay, root canals and more demanding reconstructions of teeth with the aid of crowns, facets, bridges or implants.

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