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Reasons to choose Brandeis Clinic for slimming

  • SlimLipo laser liposuction
    A highly effective and the safest method for removing fat and shaping the body without hospitalisation. SlimLipo sparingly dissolves subcutaneous fat and at the same time rids you of unsightly sagging skin, which it firms and tightens. You can lose up to 7 litres of fat in one treatment.
  • MicroAire liposuction
    Using this method we can remove fat from the area of the stomach and make subsequent use of it for example for breast enlargement. You can then enjoy the benefits of two procedures in one.
  • Fat lipolysis
    Fast removal of smaller areas of fat thanks to the application of solution. Lipolysis dissolves fat deposits which even strenuous exercise or dieting can't get rid of! The procedure itself is entirely pain free and performed in outpatient care, without anaesthesia.
  • LPG Lipomassage
    Stimulates fat cells toward a better metabolism, thus supporting breakdown of fat. With the unique LPG instrument you can reduce excess fat and at the same time firm loose skin thanks to the increased production of collagen and elastin.
  • ProshockIce
    Treatment with the instrument ProshockIce combines ice lipolysis with a shock wave, without surgical intervention. You gain a naturally smooth complexion without signs of cellulite, all pain-free in outpatient care.
  • Dietary consultancy service
    Slimming and an active metabolism is not just a question of exercise. Our dietary consultant will compile a tailor-made menu to help you lose excess pounds.

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