Abdomen Liposuction

Abdomen liposuction by the SLIM LIPO laser helps you quickly and painlessly get rid of excessive fat while, at the same time, perfectly shapes the contours of your body at the waist and above the hips.


Pictures before and after treatment

Advantages of laser liposuction used at Brandeis Clinic

  • Up to 79% better and faster healing in comparison to older types of liposuction widely used in the Czech Republic, such as when compared to mechanical liposuction.
  • We can remove up to 7 litres of fat in one treatment.
  • After the SLIM LIPO the skin stays smooth and tight. When using other liposuction techniques the skin often stays sagging or deformed and the patients often ask for a revision.
  • We often do the SLIM LIPO on patients who ask us for a revision due to skin deformation after prior unsuccessful liposuction treatments done by using other liposuction techniques.
  • Apart from removing fat, the SLIM LIPO tightens the skin in the treated area and lifts it.
  • The treatment is painless and can be done both under local or general anaesthesia. You can save up to 10 000 CZK when you choose local anaesthesia for your treatment.
  • During one treatment it is possible to perform abdomen liposuction together with other body parts such as with thighs, arms, chin etc.
  • In comparison with non-invasive fat-removing techniques, such as fat freezing, the SLIM LIPO is several times more effective and, moreover, you only need one treatment.


Before the treatment

Preceding the treatment itself, there is a non-binding entrance check-up at our clinic. A doctor uses it to assess the health condition of the client, discuss the client´s expectations and real benefits of the treatment. The doctor also explains there what will happen during the treatment. A few days before the treatment, it is recommended to avoid drinking alcohol and using some medicines.


During the treatment

The treatment itself lasts for about two hours and is performed under local anaesthesia. However, if the client decides to combine several treatments together – for example a liposuction of abdomen and thighs, hips or chin, the treatment can also be done, with client´s prior consent, under general anaesthesia.

First, the doctor visibly marks the area to be treated. Then he numbs it with a special tumescent solution. Next comes a 1.5 mm cannula with laser which, using heat, loosens the subcutaneous fat and then sucks it out.  In the end the client puts on special compression garments, that aid intended body contouring and skin tightening.

After the treatment

Once the treatment is finished, the client can go home or to work. After one week the client will need to come back for a check-up and to change the dressing. Second check-up comes one month later. The client should wear special compression garments for the time which was recommended by the doctor. Possible movement restrictions are set by the doctor individually.

Even though the loss of fat is visible immediately, the desired effect comes after 1-3 months, because in that period the skin regeneration is in progress and the treatment result is constantly getting better. 


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