A younger complexion after 1 treatment, thanks to Jett Lift

Rejuvenate your complexion youth without the need to undergo a surgical procedure or injection of substances into your body.


Pictures before and after treatment

The patented technology of plasma charge is one of few treatments that offer a combination of the above, together with an effect that's already visible after the first treatment. The precisely targeted plasma charge causes a tensing of the cell membranes, supports their capacity for intake of nutrients and their vitality, and thereby contributes to their rejuvenation. Firming and tautening of the skin is visible with the naked eye already after only one session! The treatment is very economical and can be performed on practically all parts of the body.

Jett Lift

What can Jett lift do?:

  • removal of deep and fine wrinkles
  • correction and softening of scars
  • face lifting 
  • rejuvenation of the complexion 
  • removal of haemangiomas, seborrhoeic verrucas and pigment stains
  • removal of fibrons, growths, warts 
  • removal of red and purple veins (not blue)
  • restoration of micro-circulation of skin
  • "party treatment" (after one session the face is taut and fresh)

Jett Lift is a registered medical tool that meets the most stringent European norms for instruments used in hospitals. The safety of the treatment is ensured by the control process of the CSC system.
Try out this new rejuvenation technique, now included in the offer of Brandeis Clinic.


Non-surgical plastic treatment of upper and lower eyelids using the JETT LIFT instrument:

  • no scalpel
  • no cutting
  • no preoperative examination
  • healing time only 5 days
  • treatment of eyelids is performed under local anaesthesia, treatments outside the face take place without anaesthesia

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